The Healing Cuisine, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

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* Vegan Culinary Nutrition * Science of Self Healing

* Vegan Culinary Nutrition * Science of Self Healing

* Vegan Culinary Nutrition * Science of Self Healing* Vegan Culinary Nutrition * Science of Self Healing

Getting nourishing vegan meals to the plate, literally.

Daily Food Demos

Organic vegetables and leafy greens

Learn to feed your body and your light body a wholistic diet for longevity and higher states of consciousness. Learn to manage meal planning and create quick delicious satisfying raw vegan meals.

Holistic Nutrition

Chef Jo's well known culinary and nutrition education as she prepares organic juice and vegan meals.

Enjoy freshly pressed organic green juices each morning before Yoga. After yoga, feast on fresh organic tropical fruit and a superfood smoothie to power up your raw vegan morning and elevate your brain circuitry

Vegan Meals

Raw rainbow tacos with Chipotle cashew cream sauce

Enjoy delicious organic raw vegan meals after the food demos, and a special vegan menu freshly prepared and served for dinner each evening in Hotel Nya's wholistic restaurant Ubin by Costa Rica's own Chef Keilor.

Physiology & Feeding the Microbiome

Coconut yoghurt parfait with pomegranates and blueberries

Learn to grow digestive and systemic enzymes in your own raw vegan kitchen within one day. From wholistic Coconut Yogurt to VIKimchi!

Dehydrating & Slowcooking

This vegan retreat includes a nutrition education where you learn to make delicious vegan meals

Not just a Yoga Retreat, a co-creation of delicious crunchy sweet & savory snacks from Gingersnaps & Cultured Crackers, to raw vegan Veggie Burger & Pizza!

Supplements for a Minimilist

Sprouts and red chili peppers on a ramen noodle bowl with shitake mushrooms

A wholistic exploration into free kitchen resources, from sprouting to indoor gardening & hydroponics. Plus how a raw vegan obtains essential minerals, vitamins.